FIGUEROLA Peruvians is a leading breeder of purebred Peruvian horses in the United States. Based in Santa Ynez, California, the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine and horse country, FIGUEROLA Peruvians imports, breeds, trains, shows and sells the finest luxury horses in the world. We offer consultations concerning breeding, training and management, as well as sales and purchasing assistance. The facilities at FIGUEROLA Peruvians are also available for weddings, corporate gatherings, and other private events.

Above all, FIGUEROLA Peruvians is dedicated to creating exceptional Peruvian horses that provide the ultimate in comfort, luxury and performance. Whether you are planning to purchase your first Peruvian or looking to add strength and heritage to your breeding program, FIGUEROLA Peruvians is your destination. We invite you to explore our Mare and Stallion Collections, or to contact us at