Image of Jr Soy del Peru

Reference Sire

One of the most distinguished sires of the last decade, RDS Engaño is the principle sire for FIGUEROLA Peruvians. He was foaled at Rancho Domingo, Buellton, California in 1993, and quickly grew into a powerful and noble stallion. His numerous achievements, along with those of his offspring, led to international acclaim. In 2005, the association recognized him as a Top Ten Sire, placing 3rd in the United States.

Engaño is a horse of exquisite heritage. His sire, CEC Rey de Reyes, traces his lineage to the legendary Figuerola and Saavedra stud farms in Peru, the horses of which were selected by Alfonso Alejandro Figuerola Saavedra’s grandparents. Rey de Reyes is a direct descendent of Zañero, and line-bred to the famous Limeñito. Engaño’s dam, RDS La Federica, is the granddaughter of Mantequilla and the historic Piloto, a renowned sire in the breed. Not only does Engaño posses the noble traits of his ancestors, he posses the genetic strength to pass these traits on to many more generations.

In addition to the hundred’s of years of noble heritage, a remarkably large proportion of Engaño’s offspring are also endowed with his legendary gait, brio and beauty. At the time he received the Top Ten Sire Award, 93% of his registered offspring were shown that year. Of the first place horse, 43% were shown, and of the second place horse, 29%. This genetic strength extends not only to the first generation of horses sired by Engaño, but also to the second generation of offspring. Even as a grandsire, Engaño has the exceptional ability to ensure that his heirs posses the desirable traits of their noble heritage. The offspring of Engaño are exclusive to FIGUEROLA Peruvians, an example of the program’s passionate pursuit of excellence.