Rossana Figuerola

Excellence begins with a vision. For Rossana Figuerola, the creation of beauty and excellence has been the defining passion of her entire life.

As a child, Rossana was endlessly fascinated with and inspired by the world around her. Born in Peru of German-Swiss background, her early life exposed her to South America’s rich blend of cultures and intermingled histories, and laid the foundation for her to become the multi-faceted woman she is today. In her teens she moved to California, where she realized her dream of creating exquisite works of art rooted in the exotic heritage of Peru.

Her love for the historic elements of her native land led her passion for Peruvian horses, a passion introduced to Rossana by her husband, Alfonso Alejandro Figuerola Saavedra, renowned Peruvian horseman and breeder, whom she met in the summer of 1981. Together they raised their two sons, Antonio and Alejandro, creating a family unified in a shared vision for excellence in every pursuit.

Her quest for artistic perfection eventually carried Rossana from a thriving modeling career into the design side of the fashion industry, where her unique and elegant designs earned her recognition as a leading California Cosmopolitan Designer by the World Fashion Industry Association in New York. Her strong aesthetic drive led her next to interior design, which gave her another avenue to express her passion for excellence.

Currently at the helm of the FIGUEROLA enterprise, Rossana and her research and development teams have produced a full line of nutraceuticals for people and animals that continues to grow and expand today. Founded in California in 1992, FIGUEROLA is a leading nutraceutical company. It develops, produces and distributes high-quality therapeutic formulas and performance enhancement supplements. In addition to their highly successful and effective nutraceuticals, FIGUEROLA has also expanded to wines, spirits, and luxury goods.

Above all, Rossana commits her passion for excellence to the creation of exceptional Peruvian horses, investing her contagious enthusiasm and her remarkable vision for perfection into the FIGUEROLA Peruvians breeding program. With careful consideration of bloodlines, conformation and an emphasis on gait, Rossana matches incomparable mares with outstanding stallions to create masterpieces in motion: Peruvians whose pisos, beauty, endurance and heart exemplify the highest standards of the breed, admired and treasured whether they are shown to advantage in arena competition or enjoyed as luxury pleasure mounts.

Today, this woman of extraordinary talent continues to lead the Figuerola family enterprises with style, spirit and, above all, a passion for excellence. That is the FIGUEROLA vision.

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