Alfonso Alejandro Figuerola Saavedra is the founder of FIGUEROLA Peruvians. It was his original passion for creating exceptional Peruvians that established FIGUEROLA’s commitment to excellence in the breeding program.

Mr. Figuerola was born in Pacasmayo, Peru in 1945, into a family with a profound history of Peruvian horsemanship. The first son of Antonio Alfonso Figuerola Lara and Yolanda Saavedra de Figuerola, he was raised by his grandparents, don Alejandro Saavedra and Arletta Smith-Stewart de Saavedra, and spent his early childhood years among his family’s many large estates and plantations. It was here that Alfonso first learned the art of breeding fine Peruvians.

He graduated from the University of Texas in El Paso. While at University, he was presented with the Key to the City of El Paso, in appreciation of his service as a cultural ambassador for Peru. In the summer of 1981, Mr. Figuerola met Rossana, and shared with her his passions and his vision of creating a life that honored the pursuit – and achievement – of excellence. Together they raised their two sons, Antonio and Alejandro.

In Texas in the early 1980’s, Mr. Figuerola imported horses and formed Lone Star Peruvians. He later moved to California, and settled in Santa Barbara County. Over the years, he and Rossana created a number of business ventures that represented the Figuerola’s wide range of interests, including fine jewelry design and manufacturing, luxury saddle and fine leather sales, gourmet coffee import, and nutraceuticals. In all of the FIGUEROLA enterprises, the guiding principle and passion remains the absolute and unswerving commitment to excellence.

Mr. Figuerola never lost his passion for the exceptional horses of his homeland, and remained, above all, committed to the creation of exceptional Peruvians. A linear descendent of two of the five original families instrumental in establishing the Peruvian Horse breed (the Figuerolas and the Saavedras), Mr. Figuerola employed his deep knowledge of bloodlines and characteristics to create an unparalled breeding program. Rossana, and later their children, embraced his passion with equal fervor. Today, FIGUEROLA Peruvians respresent the fulfillment as well as the enhancement of Mr. Figuerola’s vision to develop the finest Peruvian horses in the world.

An erudite philosopher and historian, and an avid reader, Mr. Figuerola researched and wrote articles throughout his life, particularly about the roots of his beloved horses. At the urging of his wife, Mr. Figuerola authored a full history of the Peruvian Horse, entitled Equus Peruano: The Dawn of the Breed, which has not yet been released. His great interest in the history and legend of Peruvians gave him an astonishing understanding of the complex Peruvian Horse bloodlines.

Mr. Figuerola passed away in 2005, leaving a rich legacy for his wife and sons. Many recognized Mr. Figuerola’s achievements; in 2006 the Congress of the Republic of Peru unanimously passed a posthumous resolution honoring Mr. Figuerola as “a dedicated and noble pioneer and leader not only in the breeding of the Peruvian Paso Horses but also in its genetic improvement and establishing its characteristics and qualities throughout the world.” As FIGUEROLA Peruvians enters a new era, the company remains committed to the founding principles of Alfonso Alejandro Figuerola Saavedra: Passion, pursuit and excellence.