Reference Dam

Imported from Peru, the beautiful PK Aida is a sister to ANCPCPP’s National Champion of Champions Breeding Stallion, and is a fine mare of rich heritage. She is an outstanding breeding mare of superb quality and genetic strength, and is the finest reproducing mare from Haciena Recoveco. Aida is a Palamino with beautiful golden coat, a charming disposition and majestic conformation, and she posses the genetic strength to pass these traits to her offspring. Another example of the performing ability of FIGUEROLA Peruvians, Aida won 1st place in the Mares Breeding Class from both judge Enrique Rizo Patron at the 2005 Lone Star Horse Show, and judge Bonnie Gallegos at the 2005 Southwest Peruvian Horse Show in Katy, Texas For the serious breeder, Aida is a truly remarkable Peruvian.