Image of Jr Soy del Peru

Date of Birth: June 5, 1997

The strength of the FIGUEROLA Peruvians breeding program begins with mares like Samba JC, who was discovered by Rossana Figuerola as an exceptional representative of the Solidario strain. Samba is an incredibly well gaited mare, with the same genetic strength you would expect from a Solidario granddaughter. She is an exceptionally beautiful Peruvian, with chiseled features, expressive eyes, and a low tail set clamed tightly between the buttocks. A lustrous mane and coat add to her exquisite beauty and charm.

Samba JC has the Solidario stamp melded with the Cayalti bloodline. She is by CFF Devocion, and is a sister to Reserve Champion Breeding Mare Julianna JC. Solidario was by Sol de Oro J, a Champion Breeding Stallion, and out of Veronica, a mare inbred to Champion Breeding Stallion, Zañero. Zañero’s bloodline traces back to the original Figuerola stud in Peru. Like her sister Julianna, Samba was acquired by FIGUEROLA Peruvians for her rich bloodlines and genetic strength. Beautiful to behold and comfortable to ride, Samba exemplifies what it is to be an exceptional Peruvian horse.