Reference Dam

Selected by Alfonso Figuerola, EAA Altanera adds a rare concentration of Cayalti line, the horses of which are known for their superior gait, and their ability to pass this trait on to their offspring. Altanera is out of APA Zañera and by JCT Ciclon del Norte. The legendary lineage includes Limeñtio and Carnaval, both National Champion of Champions in Peru, and Tongolele, a mare famous for her exceptional gait and wide thread. Tongolele’s sire, Altanero, traces his lineage to the FIGUEROLA family’s stud in Peru.

Altanera has produced superior offspring in Peru and for FIGUEROLA Peruvians, and carries her namesake with pride and dignity. Altanera passes her exquisite pisos (gait) to her foals with remarkable consistency, and has produced some of the most exceptional fillies to come out of the FIGUEROLA breeding program. With a smooth gait and noble disposition, Altanera exemplifies the true essence of the Peruvian breed.